Innovative Style

The old generation remember the time, when low cut jeans were in great fashion. It was probably in 60th last century. Young girls were in search of such clothes. It seemed to them that something magic was in jeans which were worn low waist just on the hips. Perhaps it attracted men’s attention, who could say exactly now. Then the style was unusual and only reckless women were wearing such low cut jeans. Our neighbor Jill was one of them. She was a pretty young girl then and had a date with lots of guys. The main thing they like in that girl was low rise jeans. Jill felt comfortable and confident in her clothes, and the style was crucial for her because she wanted to be noticed. In addition, her jeans were weirdly embroidered and it made them special. There were figures of snakes and lizards on the back pockets that seemed very attractive. Jill was proud of her low rise jeans.

It was in our teenaged time and we went to disco very often. One day Jill and I decided to “improve” our clothes – she cut holes in her favorite jeans and I cut my blouse with triangular patterns. We shut the door and started our activity very energetically. Two hours passed when we heard noise from outside. Looking out through the window we saw a boy running across the street. Without any hesitation we rushed out and just in time – Jill caught the boy and saved him – a car passed by and stopped suddenly. A young man was leaving the car and approaching Jill grabbing the boy. He became her husband then. He said that her jeans shocked him and fell in love with Jill from the first sight. Unpredictable are both women and men!